A Brief History About The System
A few years ago I wanted to do something that would allow me to keep the cabin of my boat cool while I was in the water, away from the slip.  I know, the normal way to handle this situation is to install a generator.  Only two problems, one my boat didn’t have the room for the genset and second the cost of a U.S.C.G. approved generator is high.  So another solution was sought, at first we thought about the addition of 3 or 4 12 volt batteries and an inverter to run the 110 volt system.  That added a lot of extra weight and only ran for a couple of hours before having to recharge the batteries.  So back to the drawing board, having a complete automotive service facility at our disposal, we started with an engine driven compressor and tried a few different ways to outfit the boat with this type of a/c.  After a couple of different versions we all agreed on one that worked the best.  It wasn’t until after going to the Dallas Boat Show and talking with a “Marine a/c Specialist” that I realized that this engine driven system needed to be refined.  What started out as more of a novelty has since turned into a patented, U.S.C.G. approved marine air conditioning system.
The average system weighs about 45 pounds and only requires 4-6 HP to operate.  It has been tested at our production facility with ambient air of 140 degrees and returning 42 degree air at the vents.  During a trip to Lake Mead with the dealers of Eliminator Boats a “Real World” test was done.   The temperature during those 3 days were over 120 degrees, in the cabin of a 38 foot Eliminator Eagle with the door open, it was in the mid 60’s.  That was a very popular place to be.
The NAUTICOOL AIR Engine Driven Marine A/C System, is a proven, reliable product that fills a void in the boating accessory world.  Finally a marine a/c system, designed by boaters for on the water cooling without the need for an expensive, noisy marine generator.  What a cool idea for a hot boat!