Arctic Automotive Air and Services, Inc. of Colleyville Texas announced a new division, NAUTICOOL AIR and it’s revolutionary new concept in marine air conditioning, an engine driven marine a/c system.  The Nauticool Air system being engine driven does not require 110 volt power to cool a boat.  Until now, marine a/c has been traditionally powered by 110 volt electric power. 
The standard system is rated at 22,000 BTU’s, about two times more cooling capacity of a larger traditional marine a/c unit.  During in house testing, 140 degree air was introduced into the system’s evaporator and resulted in returned vent air of 42 degrees.  The unique patent pending design allows installation on most inboard I/O boats without the need of drilling thru hull holes or adding an addition pump to circulate water for the system.  Running off the engine only takes about 4-6 horse power so there is no loss of performance.  The average system weight is about 50 pounds.  While the primary use is to cool the cabin area of a boat, “dash” vents can be added for those hot steamy days on the water when there is no breeze.  The NAUTICOOL AIR system can even be added to a boat that has a traditional 110 volt system, when there is no room for or desire to run a generator.


The newly formed Offshore Super Series (OSS), has approved the use of the NAUTICOOL AIR system in their 2004 Technical Rule Book.  The exact placement of the rule was not known at the time of this writing.  Any OSS teams should reference the 2004 Tech Rules for exact wording.  For an update contact John Brunner at 817.656.4888.                                                                         

OSS Announces Additional Race Officials

The Offshore Super Series Powerboat Racing Association (OSS) announces additional Race Officials to the OSS team.  The first race will be in Biloxi, Miss., on April 22-25.

Jim Arvis, a Hall of Champions member from Richmond, Va., has been named OSS Chief Inspector.  A past racer and crew chief, Arvis will lead a team of OSS inspectors.  Selected to serve as assistant inspectors are Craig Colabella, a long-time Mercury Racing employee, and Kirk Dunteman, who started racing in 1985 and has numerous championships under his belt.

Charlie Bass, of Ft. Lauderdale, will lead a team of divers and paramedics as the OSS Medical and Safety Director.  Spanning 18 years in offshore racing as well as medical and safety, Bass began his career at the Lavin Foundation and has worked with seven championship race teams.  He currently works with the diver rescue team for his Fire Department.  Safety Divers on the OSS team include David DiPatrillo, Rodrigo Gomez, Samual Jackson, Rick Holsomback and Charles A. “Tony” Fitzgerald Jr.

Jim Koert, of Spring Lake, Mich., has been selected as the OSS Chief Starter and Assistant Referee.  He has worked with OSS Chief Referee Mike Tomlinson since 1990 and has worked in offshore race production as well as race promotions for more than 20 years.

John Brunner, from the Fort Worth area, will oversee the dry and wet pits as OSS Race Village Director for Biloxi.  He will serve as a communications liaison for the OSS racing teams.  Brunner works in the marine air conditioning industry, where he holds two revolutionary patents and owns Nauticool Air.

In addition, OSS Technical Chair George Linder has been assisted with the OSS Rulebook by long-time racers and offshore experts Jim Dyke, Jerry Gilbreath, Jimmy Goerlitz, Sonny Hawkins and Peter Hledin.

OSS is a not for profit organization dedicated to the further development and growth of offshore powerboat racing in North America.  For more information, check out:

U.S.C.G Certification and A.P.B.A sanctions for engine driven a/c system.
John Brunner of NAUTICOOL AIR announced today that the NautiCool marine a/c system compressor recently passed testing for U.S.C.G. certification providing ignition protection per the ISO 8846, SAE J1171 and the U.S.C.G. requirements.  The testing was conducted by Imanna Laboratory of Rockledge Florida.  The compressor was subjected to a high temperature operating test, an explosive atmosphere exposure test and an induced ignition test.  The results of the proceeding tests was that the compressor meets all the requirements of the ISO 8846, the U.S.C.G. as stated in Title 33 CFR 183.410 and the SAE J1171.
In other news the American Power Boat Association- Offshore Racing division (A.P.B.A) has approved the Nauticool Air a/c system for all offshore classes utilizing canopies or enclosed cockpits.  Complete wording of the rule can be found on the official A.P.B.A Offshore web site under 2003 technical rules, references pg 8 item U.
NAUTICOOL AIR looks forward to working with the A.P.B.A. race teams to add the system to their boats.  This relationship should also help develop a better and more durable product.  With the demands of the offshore racing environment, the research and development gained from the endurance needed to survive in the hard hitting waters will be priceless.

NAUTICOOL AIR announced that Eliminator Boats of Mira Loma, Ca. will begin offering the NAUTICOOL AIR system to it's new boat customers.  Since 1969, Eliminator has been building custom powerboats and leading their field in performance hull technology.  They currently build boats  from 19 to 40 feet.  They offer two hull designs, catamarans and vee bottoms.  This arrangement makes Eliminator the first OEM builder to offer NAUTICOOL AIR, engine driven marine a/c system as a factory installed option on their new boats.  Bob Leach, Founder and President of Eliminator Custom Boats said, "I believe that the NautiCool A/C System is the best out there."  The first boat to be outfitted will be their newly redesigned 38 foot Eagle XP.  This sleekly styled step V hull with the NautiCool Air System will be debuted to the Eliminator dealers at their annual dealer meeting on Lake Mead in Nevada.  Jim Foley, Eliminator's national sales manager said, "we have had requests in the past for air conditioning but our boats being powerboats don't have the room for a generator.  Most of our customers spend the day on their boat in the water, this is when they want a/c, not after they are done for the day.  Most don't spend the night on their boat and a system that needs 110 volt power to run it doesn't make sense to them."  Mike Tomlinson, the general manager of Eliminator Boats of Texas and chief referee for Offshore Super Series racing circuit said, "I can see the NautiCool system being used on the race boats, especially in the closed canopy boats.  You know it really gets hot in those types of boats and those guys would really welcome the idea of an air conditioned cockpit."  John Brunner of NautiCool said that he looks forward to working closely with Eliminator as they add new models to their line of custom powerboats and sees enjoying a long and prosperous relationship with Bob Leach and Eliminator Boats.